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Canada's Weather
The Climate that Shapes a Nation

by Chris St. Clair

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232 pages, 8 1/2" X 10 1/2" X 13/16"
197 color and archival black-and-white photographs, 46 color illustrations, tables, sidebars, index
EAN: 9781554073382
ISBN: [ 1554073383 ]
29.95 CDN / 29.95 US
EAN: 9781770850927
ISBN: [ 1770850929 ]
24.95 CDN / 24.95 US

A comprehensive guide to weather phenomena in Canada.

Canada's Weather explores the fascinating science and history of Canada's weather from coast to coast to coast.

Written by the Weather Network's popular weekend man, Chris St. Clair, it's organized in four seasonal sections and by Canada's distinct weather regions: the West Coast, the North, the Prairies, Ontario and Quebec, and the Atlantic region.

A total of 46 scientific illustrations complement St. Clair's careful and basic explanations of the universal principles of weather, and there are 197 photographs that show the power and beauty of Canada's weather reality.

With a unique perspective, St. Clair gives the full forecast on Canada's meteorological state of affairs, including:

  • The progression of weather from east to west
  • Extreme weather events
  • Large-scale and small-scale weather events
  • How Canadians have turned the weather to their advantage
  • How geography and topography affect weather
  • Tools of weather watching, measurement and forecasting
  • Climate change
  • Facts, trivia, proverbs and quotes about weather.

Canada's Weather is a fascinating reference to Canadian weather phenomena for home, office or school.

Chris St. Clair is a popular weather forecaster at the Weather Network on cable TV.

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