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Planet Arctic
Life at the Top of the World

by Wayne Lynch

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240 pages, 9" x 10 3/4" X 3/4"
full-color photographs throughout, index, further reading
EAN: 9781554076321
ISBN: [ 1554076323 ]
plastic-laminated hardcover with jacket
40.00 CDN / 40.00 US
EAN: 9781770851412
ISBN: [ 1770851410 ]
29.95 CDN / 29.95 US

A celebration of the magnificent and unexpected world of the Arctic.

The Arctic, the mystical lands north of 60 degrees, is a cold and forbidding place that is covered in ice and snow for most of the year. Yet each spring the Arctic becomes a land of unforgettable beauty, when a profusion of life explodes across the entire landscape.

The Arctic is so different from the more temperate regions of Earth that author and photographer Wayne Lynch presents this region as though it were a different planet. In Planet Arctic, the reader can experience this land through the lens of a master photographer who has spent 30 years exploring and photographing this vast region. Lynch fully understands and appreciates Arctic birds, plants and animals in all their mystery. Here is the world of the polar bear, the arctic fox, the seal, the walrus and the musk ox, as well as a vast array of seabirds and exquisite, hardy wildflowers and ancient lichens.

Lynch's enthusiasm is contagious, and the photos, testament to his unerring eye for beauty, will captivate readers. Complex natural history concepts are decoded as Lynch describes the magnificent life-forms that inhabit this distant and frigid yet spectacular world -- one that is under increasing stress from global warming and climate change.

Dr. Wayne Lynch is a widely published natural history writer and wildlife photographer. He is the author of 12 natural history books for adults and nearly 40 books for children and young adults, including Penguins of the World.

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